Is grain free dog food better for my dog?

In recent years, the popularity of grain free dog food has grown rapidly and it’s now all over the pet marketplace with confusion over if it’s actually a healthy diet. As curious dog owners we need clarity, so let’s talk grain free.

Grain in dog food

Grain in dog food is a carbohydrate and is promoted as a source of energy. The truth is, most grains (wheat, rice, oats, barley, maize) are used as cheap filler in many dog foods, especially commercial, one-size-fits-all brands. The use of grains can mean that the quality of ingredients is demoted and the meat content is low.

Is Grain free healthier?

Grain free dog foods use higher quality ingredients in general so are usually the healthier choice.

With the absence of cheap grain ‘fillers’, grain-free recipes are specially designed to provide a higher meat, higher protein diet. An excellent solution for dogs suffering from health issues or need a healthy, balanced diet.

Incredible Health Benefits

  • Easier digestion - Created without harsh grains to be gentle on the digestive system.
  • Higher in fibre and protein - Higher meat content is standard, providing a healthy source of fibre and protein.
  • Increased energy levels - High levels of protein make a great, healthy energy source.
  • Stronger, shinier coat - Omega 3 fatty acids help create a thick, healthy coat.
  • Prevents allergies - Many dogs are allergic to wheat, cereals and corn so benefit from grain free options.
  • Controls weight - Less carbohydrates and more nutritional value helps support weight loss.

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