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Introducing your dog to a new diet

The time may have come where you need to change dog food. Whether that’s due to health reasons or age, here are a few helpful tips to successfully switch your dogs diet with minimal upsets.

Gradual Transition

Use a gradual technique to changing your dogs food by combining the new food with the old. Add 10% of new food a day into the old food and keep increasing until you are feeding 100%. Over a 10 day period you should be feeding your dog the new diet with no problem. This rule can avoid stomach upsets and fussy eating during the transition, making things easier and healthier.

Monitor the response

If you’re changing your dog food for health reasons, you should monitor the response after 4-6 weeks as this is usually when the health benefits become visible. Some health problems can reduce straight away and others may take longer, so be sure to monitor the positive changes over time.

They are what they eat

At any age, your dog trusts you to provide all the nutrients and goodness they need, especially new puppies who are rapidly growing and developing. And it all begins with a healthy, complete and balanced diet.

Choosing a ‘filler-free’ quality dog food, with high meat content is usually the best option. Everything they need for maintaining a happy, healthy life.

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