Dog and bowl

How much should I feed my dog?

We all know dogs are highly motivated by food and can seem like they’re never satisfied. But feeding your dog too much will cause health risks such as obesity, a growing issue among dogs of today. Whether you have a new puppy or adult dog, there’s a few things to consider to avoid this.

Quality above quantity

Before worrying about feeding your dog too much, quality of food comes first. The way to maintain a happy, healthy dog and avoid health and weight issues like obesity is to ensure the doggy diet is top quality. This includes choosing a complete dog food with high meat content and less carbohydrates (grains, cereals, wheat.)

Feeding a low quality, commercial brand to your dog or puppy exposes them to filler ingredients such as grain and various other carbohydrates. And (like humans) a carbohydrate diet will cause weight gain and eventually obesity.

Regular patterns

Be sure to introduce and maintain regular patterns with meal times. Keeping a routine, especially if you have a new puppy, should help with cravings and behaviour when it comes to food.

Complete, balanced diet

Experts recommend an adult dog should be fed twice a day, but every dog is different due to breed and life stage so be sure to research. Our recommendation is to introduce a complete, balanced diet that includes everything your dog or puppy needs.

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