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What should I feed my puppy?

You have the worlds best little puppy, so of course you’ll want to make sure you’re feeding the best food so they can play, learn and grow into a healthy dog. Puppies have a lot of growing to do in their first 12-18 months, so it’s important they start their life happy and healthy, getting all the support they need from their diet.


Is grain free dog food better for my dog?

In recent years, the popularity of grain free dog food has grown rapidly and it’s now all over the pet marketplace with confusion over if it’s actually a healthy diet. As curious dog owners we need clarity, so let’s talk grain free.

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Does my dog need to eat meat?

Do dogs really need meat in their diet? Is meat protein a biological requirement for your dog? The debate of whether dogs are carnivores is ongoing and officially the jury is still out on this one. With limited research on long-term effects of feeding a dog a plant-based diet, providing your dog with a meat-free diet is perhaps controversial.

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How much should I feed my dog?

We all know dogs are highly motivated by food and can seem like they’re never satisfied. But feeding your dog too much will cause health risks such as obesity, a growing issue among dogs of today. Whether you have a new puppy or adult dog, there’s a few things to consider to avoid this.

Excessive moulting

How to protect your dog from excessive moulting

Dog hair. Typically your dog will shed their hair as most dogs do and it is a part of life. You find it on your clothes, your carpet, your furniture and sometimes your plate. If you notice excessive moulting, it becomes a problem not just for you but it could be a sign your dog has health problems.

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Introducing your dog to a new diet

The time may have come where you need to change dog food. Whether that’s due to health reasons or age, here are a few helpful tips to successfully switch your dogs diet with minimal upsets.

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